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September 2, 2010

100% Accurate Rockhopper Tracker for September 2010

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Again, thecptrackers.com gave me permission to post this.
Note: If you add any of these trackers to your website, send a tweet to @yoshiandluigi3 with your site name and if it has my tracker(s) on it I will follow you on twitter!
THANKS FOR 1,000 HITS!!!! Add these to your websites because they will be updated every 5-45 minutes!!!
Scroll down below for many many tips to find rockhopper!
Anyway, Here is the one that is extremely accurate and coded by thecptrackers.com

Here is the code to add this tracker to your blog/website:

Here is the one that is coded by ME and My friends (which are ALSO accurate):

Here is the code to add this to your website:

Sidebar Size:

Here is the tracker I made for fun:

But that tracker isn’t updated as frequently as the ones above.

Enjoy having your own rockhopper tracker on your website that updates automatically so you don’t have to babysit it.
If the trackers haven’t found him here are tips to find Rockhopper:
#1. The rockhopper trackers above are extremely accurate and updates the room and server Rockhopper is in or last seen on.
#2. If you cannot get on the server I highly just suggest waiting because Penguin Storm will just get you banned off Club Penguin.
#3: Rockhopper isn’t on 24/7. He will not be on at times like 12:00 AM or 6:00 AM however he will be on always at 11:00 AM EST – 10:00 PM EST.
#4. If you were on a 3 or 4 bar server and suddenly a ton of penguins go on at once, There is a high chance rockhopper is on that server. Check that server to see if rockhopper is online.
#5. Rockhopper is usually found on these servers: Mammoth, Blizzard, Berg, Abominable, Alpine, and Frozen. He isn’t just on these servers, but it is recommended to try them first.
#6. Rockhopper is usually found in these rooms: Town, Dock, Beach, Pizza Parlor, Night Club, and he is most seen on his Ship, The Migrator, The Ship Hold, and occasionally, The Captains Quarters.
#7. Rockhopper is always crowded on Club Penguin. If you cannot click on his playercard search rockhopper by searching through the users list.
#8. Rockhopper is online during the day and the night, but not online when Club Penguin support is offline. He will not be on at 11:00 PM or 10:00 PM EST times
#9. Rockhopper is a red penguin with a beard, eyebrows, and a black pirate hat. He is also slightly larger then the average penguin.
#10. Rockhopper changes servers EVERY 15 minutes. That means you’ll have to check this page for updates and refresh your browser every 5-15 minutes.
#11. If you find rockhopper on Club Penguin, click on him to view his playercard and click on the free gift button to receive his background.
#12. Follow yoshiandluigi3 on twitter to receive updates. Follow yoshiandluigi3 on twitter NOW!


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